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Steel Fiber Reinforced Refractory Castable

Refractory Castable



Steel Fiber Reinforced Refractory Castable

Steel fiber reinforced castable is made of super-grade bauxite clinker as aggregate, high-quality bauxite clinker and corundum fine powder as matrix, superfine powder and other composite materials as binder and additive, and stainless steel heat-resistant fiber.


Steel fiber castable belongs to reinforced refractory castable, which is mainly made by adding a certain size of heat-resistant steel fiber to the refractory castable to increase the strength and toughness of the building. Generally, most of the refractory castables added with steel fiber are high alumina and corundum, so it is also called steel fiber high alumina castable and steel fiber corundum castable.

Steel Fiber Reinforced Refractory Castable

Project KYSL-16 KYSL-16A KYSL-17
Al2O3+SiC % ≥ 70 75 80
B.D g/cm3 ≥ 110℃*24h 2.6 2.7 2.8
MPa ≥ 110℃*24h 8 9 10
1100℃*3h 10 10 12
C.C.S Mpa ≥ 110℃*24h 60 70 80
1100℃*3h 90 100 110
P.L.C% 110℃*24h ±0.1 ±0.1 ±0.1
1100℃*3h ±0.3 ±0.3 ±0.3

Product Function

Ferrosilicon furnace is an industrial electric furnace that consumes a lot of power and is a type of submerged arc furnace. Ferrosilicon furnace includes furnace shell, furnace cover, furnace lining, short net, water cooling system, smoke exhaust system, dust removal system, electrode shell, electrode pressure release and lifting system, loading and unloading system, controller, burn-through device, hydraulic system, transformer And various electrical equipment, etc., the use of refractory materials is also quite demanding.

In 2006, Our factory was founded in Yuzhou, the raw material base.High bauxite ore is a finely divided colloidal mixture composed of aluminum hydroxides and various ratios. High-alumina bauxite in the refractory industry usually refers to bauxite ore with a calcined Al₂O₃ content greater than 48% and a low Fe₂O₃ content.


Product Application

It is used in the outlet, top and side wall of boilers and furnaces, and is widely used in steel, metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials industries. In CFB boilers, it is often used in furnace outlet, side wall, top, straight section of cyclone separator, top of cyclone separator, return feeder and other parts.

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